Thursday, February 19, 2009

स्पंदन के क्षण

जीवन नदिया बह रही थी
शांत और निस्स्पंद,
बीत जाता था हर दिन
नीरव निश्-शब्द ।

दूर कहीं पर गूंजती थी
तान मदिर वंशी की,
टेरती थी प्राण-प्रिया को
साज मधुर पी की।

आत्मा का प्रबल आह्वान,
गूंजता बन सुमधुर तान।
विकल हुए मन प्राण प्रिया के,
शिथिल हुए बंधन जीवन के।

मन पाखी ने पर फैलाये,
पुलक उठी तब दशों दिशाएं।
अवनि और अम्बर हैं हर्षित,
आज हुआ कण-कण है स्पंदित।

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अनुत्तरित प्रश्न

क्यूँ आए मेरे जीवन में?
क्यूँ देनी चाही थी खुशियाँ?
भाव-पुष्प का अर्घ्य दिया क्यूँ?
आशा का संचार किया क्यूँ?

निस्संग जीवन था बीत चला,
चिर दुःख था जीवन-साथी।
भोर-किरण संदेश न लाती,
सांझ सदा यूँ ही ढल जाती।

तेरे आने से जीवन में
खुशियों ने पहचान बना ली,
इन नयनों ने हँसना सीखा,
प्राणों ने श्रृंगार किया।

बिखरेंगे जब स्वप्निल इन्द्रधनु,
कैसे धीर धरुँगी प्रियतम?
पुनः एकाकी जीवन से अब,
किस विध प्रीत करुँगी प्रियतम?

Friday, February 6, 2009

My experiences with children

While dealing with children I have noticed one interesting thing..........the very thing u touch( point out) in them starts growing,irrespective of the fact whether it is positive or negative.For example, if their writing is beautiful and u praise them for that , they will try to improve it further...on the contrary if u start finding faults in it, his performance will further deteriorate.Now the question arises as to how can we help a child if we do not point his mistakes.
One sure shot way is to show by your own example.Children always tend to follow by observing rather than by just listening to what you have to say.If this is not possible then there is one more way of trying to do this.......before pointing out any of his negative trait talk about some of his positive ones and then slowly and affectionately u can begin....come let's try...i am sure u can do it... It won't be easy though.Changing any formed habit is not at all easy for anyone. He will need a lot of encouragement.....every single syllable formed in a better way has to be encouraged.only then can the child may be able to bringabout the desired positive change which surely will be permanent.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A humble begining.

Seems ages since I have picked up myself and done something close to my heart.
Whenever I think about the things I love to do most and at which I am good, one thing comes first to my mind.....'children'.....bringing up children....rather helping them find themselves, helping them grow.Since children have always been my passion,loving them and being patient with them comes naturally and effortlessly to me.Rarely has it happened that a child has refused to obey me.
The only thing that has helped me attain this feat is love....unconditional love and understanding towards them.Often we as adults look at a child from where we are standing, try to compare them with others. This according to me is the greatest folly.Believe me friends,every child ,just every single child is different and so has a unique purpose in this life .So please stop comparing, stop being judgemental.The only thing common is that love and tolerance are the only tools in our hands with which we can help our children shape their lives.Have patience, be friendly, supportive , let them voice their feelings, their point of views, listen to them,let them commit mistakes.Don't let them know or feel but be watchful.As parents it is our duty to groom our child in such a way that it helps him find his own way...and not to push him the way we want him to go.
Just this much for today.I wud love to share my point of views on this topic and ur comments, suggestions and views are most welcome!