Thursday, April 9, 2009


मौन हो गई मुखरित रागिनी ,
उर में संताप है व्याप गया।
हाय प्रिये , क्या ये ही चाहा ?

शिथिल हुई नयनों की भाषा,
सिमट गई प्राणों की आशा।
हाय प्रिये क्या ये ही चाहा ?

जन शून्य हुई विस्तृत अवनि,
भाव शून्य यह अन्तस्।
हाय प्रिये क्या ये ही चाहा ?

(और कुछ सालों बाद प्राण-प्रिय ने कहा.....)

क्यूँ मौन हुई मुखरित रागिनी?
कैसा संताप है व्याप गया?
काँप रहे क्यूँ अधर -सुमधुर?
शिथिल क्यूँ नयनों की भाषा?

उठो कि तुम ही हो जग-जननी,
उठो कि तुम हो शक्ति-पुंज।
सिंचित कर लो निज प्राणों को,
अखंड-तेजोमय दिव्य रश्मि से।

स्वयं बनो निज शक्ति-स्त्रोत तुम।
तम हर कर उजास बनों तुम,
मधुमय -मधुरिम श्वास बनों तुम,
मानवता की आस बनों तुम।

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A new Light

Thoughts keep coming to my mind and I find that I am able to see things in a new light.The reservoir of knowledge deep inside keeps surfacing and suddenly it helps me grasp the essence of words read long ago.

These days I am reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. It's just wonderful.I had read this book earlier too.
I have been reading "Bhagvata Geeta" too.

Suddenly it appeared ......the main verse "कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन..." "only action is in your hands and not its fruit ....", and the Central Thought of the aforementioned book by Eckhart, "To be in the Present"; are one and the same.

Every action done by us, is and can only be done in "Now"...we can never ever do anything in "past"or "future".

This is the main reason why sages keep pointing to this fact and ask us to live the present moment supremely well. Only the " Now " has the power and freedom to act. On the contrary, even if we distract our minds a little from our present, and try to think of the future of our actions, we will not be fully present in the "Now" and so will not be able to give our 100% to it, thereby failing to act prudently on the given opportunity .

So if we take care of the present moment fully, nothing else will be required. Everything will be automatically taken care of.

Besides, the present moment of our life has been ushered in our lives by none else than our own selves , so we should give full respect to it and embrace it with gratitude and love.